About SES

Scrambled Egg Shower is a blog written to criticize and slander poor corporate marketing strategies, product ideas, and advertising attempts, while praising the few companies who succeed in creating a memorable brand. The purpose of the blog is to provide a completely biased perspective from the consumer’s eyes; one that is often painfully observant and overly analytical. In order to relay these messages, supermarket aisles will be scoured,  TV ad spots will be lambasted, and the Michelin Man will be set ablaze. Corporate America has no place to hide.

Scrambled Egg Shower is written and edited by Phil Hannafin, a young marketing professional and MBA student from New England who studied at the University of New Hampshire. With a passion for odd niche products, low-budget television commercials and strange branding techniques, Phil created this blog as an avenue for his journalistic viewpoint on America’s advertising landscape. He despises scrambled eggs, and wishes to never shower in them.

  1. Eizsbeth Gonzalez
    August 10, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    Love this..

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